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Accomplishments! OTCH MVP'S High Flyer OM UDX (call name Drake) and Mike Trausch

Mike and Drake just earned their CDX in Open B, earning a HIT with a score of 199!!!!!!

Drake is a son of Tanbarks Rockin Robin SH RN WC CDX X Sunspirits Windswept TraceWCX SH Pictured winning Novice B with a 199 1/2 score!

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate and recognize the accomplishments of MVP bred dogs. We are so proud to have these dogs out with such talented people! We appreciate all the time, patience, and hard work you have put into your dogs to bring out the best of their abilities. You have become a true TEAM! We wish you all continued success with future titles! Enjoy the journey! Our first team is Mike Trausch and Drake! When Mike and Mickey first came to us inquiring about a puppy, I knew that his expectations for a dog would be very high. I had watched Mike show his lab at an Eau Claire show earlier and win High in Trial. Mike was looking for a consistant high scoring dog. As very small breeders, we were thrilled when they went home with Drake. Now, Drake had the opportunity of a lifetime under Mikes training to prove what he could do. Mike checked in with updates on Drake's training and we were relieved to hear that Drake seemed to be everything they hoped for! We knew we wouldn't see this pair in the ring until the team was perfected! Well everyone, here they are! It was worth the wait! (2010) Chuck and I enjoyed watching them perform at Lake Elmo recently! What a thrill! His show record speaks for itself and this is just the start. We will keep updating his placings! From Aug.10, 2010 to Oct 10, 2010, Mike and Drake's scores are incredible! 21 firsts, 5 seconds and 1 third. Outstanding scores include seven 199's, one 199 1/2 with an average of 198.35. WOW! Special thanks to Mike and Mickey for taking that little puppy home and making him into the outstanding boy he is today! Watch a video of an OPEN B run through with Drake and Mike! What a great team! Mike and Drake earned their UDX title in April, 2012! He continues to rack up the OTCH points by winning multiple High in Trials and High in Combined! At just three years old, this pairs acheivments are incredible! It is truely a joy to have a MVP puppy in such a dedicated and caring home! We look forward to many more years for this team! Mike and Drake recieved their Obedience Master title!

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Mvp's High Flyer CD


We are so thrilled to have "Drake" ranked at the top of the 2010 novice rankings. Many

thanks to all at F&Ffor their diligent work and keeping this part of dog obedience going. This

wonderful journey started back at the 2008 Eau Claire, WI, show when Drake's breeder, Sue

Kohlhepp of MVP'S Kennel, had a lovely obedience bitch entered in open that really

impressed me. Once I found out Sue was going to breed her, the rest is history.

Drake started his novice career at twenty-five months old with a bang. His first show was the
Freebor County KC inAlbert Lea, MN, going 198.5+which was good for a H.I.T.
Drake showed every weekend starting August 14th and ending October31 st with the Osh Kosh,
WI, trial. Draketurned out to be extremely consistent with scores ranging from 197 to 199.5, with an
average of 198.5.We were blessed with seven HIT's and twenty-one first places. He has now
obtained his C.DX with the same type of accuracy he had in novice, picking up three more H.I.T:s.

Once again, many thanks to Drake's breeders, Chuck and Sue Kohlhepp of MVP's Kennel (Eau

Claire, WI) for giving Drake seven weeks of preparation for the life he now has. I would also

like to thank the clubs and the dedicated members who work so hard putting on the trials. I

would like to thank my wife, Mickey, whose unwavering support and constant

encouragement, were an immense help in Drake's success.Thanks a million.

Mike Trausch






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Chuck and Sue Kohlhepp
Eau Claire  
Wisconsin 54703
Ph: 715-456-0607 and 715-874-6417


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