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Happy Valentines Day, 2008 Star X Truman puppies, 5 weeks old!


First pheasant wing-ready to go hunting? Play hard, sleep hard!




Julie, Chuck, Colin and Justin! Colin and Justin

Special Thanks to the Blazek family for making the trip to FREEZING Wisconsin to visit the puppies! It was a pleasure to have them and we are excited that one of these darlings are going to have a new home with them! This will be the third puppy to end up in Naperville Illinois!

Temperment testing Karen Rude of Rude dog U!

Thank you Karen Rude of Rude Dog U for taking the time to test these puppies! Two of the new owners were able to watch and help make their difficult decision of choosing a puppy. As the past litters of Star and Truman, they all passed with flying colors and were just as I expected after spending several weeks with them. We are so proud to have raised such consistant litters and are a bit sad knowing this is Stars last litter!

Big decisions! Rhonda and Kristin very happy with their choice, "Bailey"!

"Bailey" will be staying in Eau Claire! Oh man, has this puppy got it made! The next day was pretty tough on her-Rhonda rocked her in the rocking chair most of the day! We hope Bailey will make some new "pawprints" with this family. As with others who have purchased puppies from us who have sadly lost a wonderful golden, some of the pawprints cannot and should not ever be replaced. They will be in our hearts forever! Enjoy this little girl, she is very lucky to have a family like you and we are very thankful!

"Bailey" update! Yes, March 26 and we still have snowmen! "GOT MILK?" MUST BE FROM WISCONSIN!


Colin and Justin finally get to take "Jackson" home! Julie and Chuck at the Motel to pick up "Jackson"!


Maggie and Duffy meet Wendy! Ready to go to Krussell Stables, their new home!

Special thanks to Wendy and her husband for taking Duffy into their care.He will need some special care but should have a wonderful, healthy and happy life! Maggie is going to be a lot of fun. She is full of energy and ready to learn! The pups will have a great time at the Stables. Sounds like they are already a hit with all the visitors and giving the kitty a bad time! We look forward to hearing how they are progressing, they have a great home! Have a great summer with the horses too!

The Tuma's with their Truman X Star puppy! Time to get started on some field training!


Anjela and "Casey" Will and "Casey"

If you ever want a Motel that allows dogs, I highly recommend the Baymont in Janesville, Wi.! Since five of our puppies went to the Chicago area, we made the usual trip to Janesville to meet the new families with their puppies! O.K, so there were a few treasured moments with 5 puppies in the motel room, (ask Chuck!) but all in all, they were perfect Angels! Thank goodness they were litter box trained! It just so happened they all got a little naughty at the same time with telephone cords, lamps, and anything else they could tear off with! Everything went smoothly and again we were able to meet wonderful people that love their new puppy! We hope to stay in contact with them and keep track of the litter as in the past! We were thrilled to have new pictures already when we got home! How fun! This little guy was the "performance" male, Anjela is going to really enjoy working her way to those obedience titles! Good luck!

  Watch for this girl at the Hunt Tests!




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